About Us

Hi, my name is Joe Cardon.  I founded Cardon holsters in 2009 because I couldn’t find a holster that worked well for me.  I am left handed and good left handed holsters are almost non-existent.  So I decided to make one myself.  It actually turned out surprisingly good. I showed it to a few friends and they told me I should go into business so that is just what I did.

Since then we have been producing the best holsters on the market.  We are based out of Provo Utah and we are proud to make an amazing American made product.

We specialize in leather concealment holsters.

Cardon holsters are handmade from the highest quality leather.  Each holster is custom designed to perfectly fit your firearm.  You can see and feel the superior quality of a Cardon holster when compared to other holsters.  Each holster design was drafted with great care and purpose.  All our holsters are safe, comfortable, concealable and highly functional.

I (Joe Cardon) am a firearms instructor and have carried firearms on my person for years.  That is why our products are so great because they are made and designed by a professional who wears and deals with firearms day in and day out.  We know how important concealment, comfort and accessibility are and that is why you will find those attributes in all of our products.

Cardon holsters are highly endorsed by Military Veterans, Law enforcement officers, Firearms instructors and firearms enthusiasts.

Just email us at joe@cardonholsters.com for more info on a custom-made holster.

Here are some videos reviews from some of the best Gear Reviewers on YouTube.  I hope will help demonstrate the kind of quality workmanship Cardon Holsters provides.