Question: What is the difference between the tuckable P-51 holster and the Standard P-51 Holster ?

Answer: The tuckable holster has the clips mounted on the outside of the holster.  There is a spacer between the holster and the clip leaving a space for you shirt to be tucked into.  This allows the holster to ride on your belt with your shirt tucked into your pants leaving only the clips exposed.   The Standard holster has the clip sewn and riveted into the holster.  To conceal your pistol you need to wear your shirt un-tucked so it can hang over your gun. 


Question: Where should I wear my holster on my waistband?

Answer: Imagine your waistband is a clock and your belt buckle is 12 o’clock.  If you are right handed my holsters are designed to be worn anywhere from 3- 5 o’clock.  If you are a lefty they are designed to be worn from 7-9 o’clock.   My Spitfire holster is the exception.  It has an adjustable cant angle and can be worn almost anywhere. 


Question: Why don’t you recommend carrying in the small of your back?

Answer: I don’t recommend it because it is VERY painful (especially sitting), hard to reach and doesn’t conceal well.   It looks good in the movies but is not practical in real life.


Question: What are the benefits of Leather over Kydex?

Answer: Leather vs. Kydex is a debate that could roll on forever.  They both have their benefits.  I like leather for concealment purposes because it will mold around your body after you have worn it a while. It is less abrasive on your body, clothes and gun making it more comfortable than Kydex.  It is not fun when your skin is rubbed raw, your jeans have holes in them and your gun is scratched up all because of your holster.  Since leather molds around you after a while it has a smaller foot print and conceals better. Finally leather just looks better. Kydex is rigid and stays open when you draw your gun which is great.  Leather can do the same thing if you have good holster made of good materials and you treat it right.  Man designed Kydex God Designed leather.

Question: How do I care for my Holster?


Answer: The number one rule for holster care is don’t wear your holster if you are not carrying your gun with you.  If you are sitting on an empty holster all day everyday it will flatten and it will reduce its re-holstering capabilities.  Also,  Don’t use oils and creams.  They cause the leather to be too supple.


Question: How do I break in my Holster?

Answer: Put a thin men’s dress sock over your Pistol then holster it.  Leave it like that overnight.  The next day your holster will not be so tight but you will still have good retention.   You can also just wear you holster for a few days and to a lot of practice draws.  (Make sure you use good firearm safety when doing practice draws) 


Question: What type of belt do I need? 

Answer: I recommend a leather or nylon belt that is from 1.5 to 1.75 inches wide.  This will distribute the weight of the holster over your body more evenly.  It will keep your carry system in place more effectively.  It will be more comfortable to use.  Make sure it is not too thin so the holster clips will have more to hold onto. 


Question: How do I order a holster for my gun?

Answer:  Pick the style holster you want, select the make and model pistol you have, Select if you are right or left handed and select the color you want. Then click by now.  This will redirect you to the Paypal sight.  You can log in to paypal if you have a paypal account or if you want to pay with a debit or credit card you can click on the “Don’t have and account” button.  Then proceed with the order.